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Painted Glass Splash Backs

Parham’s have a full template, supply and fit service for painted glass splash backs. Based on 6mm low iron polished edge toughened glass with the reverse face painted in Ral or Farrow & Ball colours ( over 500 choices ) which is templated by us allowing for shapes, cut outs and electric sockets. Sent to our very specialised CNC engineers who cut the shapes etc before toughening the glass and sending to the paint shop for low level bake spray painting.

The splash backs can have a rainbow sparkle effect for extra depth or even a bespoke picture or scene printed onto the back face of the glass ready to be stuck to your kitchen/bathroom wall showing no fixings at all.

We finally run through a silicone sealant to the bottom edge and caulk the sides and top edge ready for the next time the wall is decorated.

These toughened glass splash backs can be fitted right behind the gas hob as they are made of tempered safety glass which will  take a very high  heat without fracturing or breaking, thus doing away with all the grout grid lines left by a tiled surface which often has to be steam cleaned or scrubbed.

For installations with induction electric hobs we have a choice of bronze, grey or antique tinted mirrors which make any kitchen look much bigger and lighter with reflected light bouncing around the room.

A specialised vintage or foxed painted glass which looks like an aged antique mercury mirror is available which works on the basis as the painted splash backs being toughened and mocked mirror Painted with sizes up to 3000mm maximum length.  

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